Juves Figurha Lip Contour (1×1.25ml)


A dermal filler to for lip contouring


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Juves Figurha Lip Contour (1×1.25ml)The lips are a pretty difficult area to be treated, since is very mobile, sensitive and vascularized, and contains several anatomic elements (labial mucosa, skin, muscle). With the aging process several changes occur such as lips contour erasure, loss of volume and appearance of perioral wrinkles.
Therefore, we have created a special product designed for the oral area- Juves Figurha Lip Contour (1×1.25ml), which is quite flexible and easy to model. The product is used for volume lips augmentation, creating lips contour and correction of perioral wrinkles.
Molecule size is 700-900 μm. It is to be injected around labial mucosa for contour, and in labial mucosa for volume, depending on the technique used with 27G or 30G needles / cannula.
It is presented in a luxury designed box with 1 graduated syringe of 1.25 ml.

Juves Figurha Lip Contour (1×1.25ml)is a sterile, transparent, injectable gel which contains premium quality hyaluronic acid, with homogeneous structure. Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)-HA is from non-animal origin, derived from bio-fermentation.
It contains 20% cross-linked HA (20mg/ml) and BDDE<2 ppm. BDDE is the safest and less toxic cross-linking agent.
Molecular weight is ultra high (3 milion Daltons). This feature and the fact that is cross -linked HA, increase the resistance to degradation by hyaluronidases and thus maximize the maintaining duration of the filler in the tissue.

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