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HYMOVIS® is available as a set of two 5 ml capacity single-use syringes, with each one containing 3 ml of injectable gel for treating osteoarthritic knee pains.  The syringes contain a viscoelastic hydrogel which is sterile as well as non-pyrogenic in nature. The gel mimics the action of natural hyaluronan present in decreasing quantities in the knee joints. By supplementing the hyaluronan in the body, Hymovis improves joint-flexibility and reduces pain in the knees.

Main Benefits

HYMOVIS® significantly reduces the friction taking place between joints and their surfaces due to its unique lubricating properties.  Apart from this, it plays a vital role in the protection and nutrition of the surrounding cartilage and pain relief in the affected areas as well.


Meant for injection into the knee-joints, HYMOVIS® is generally administered to the affected knee(s) in two sessions administered a week apart. Only qualified health practitioners trained in the technique of intra-articular injections must administer these injections. The physician uses an 18 to 20-gauge needle for the purpose.

When should I use this product?

HYMOVIS® can be very useful in treating osteoarthritis knee patients who are not getting sufficient relief through conventional therapies involving exercise, physiotherapy and simple pain relief medications.  used extensively in treating meniscal lesion condition of the knee, usually associated with sporting injuries.


How long does the treatment take?

Since it is an outpatient procedure, the patient needs to be in the clinic for about an hour. This includes the time taken for preparing the patient for pre and post-injection procedures. Following the procedure, the patient must refrain from doing any heavy-lifting or activities which could put extra strain on the knee for 48 hours.


Where can I order this product for my medical spa?

To order Hymovis for your medical spa, visit our website at

Why should I order this product?

With the lowest prices on offer for wholesale purchases, bulk purchasers stand to save in proportion to their purchase volumes. The more HYMOVIS® purchased, the more money is saved. Shipping is free for purchases over $800. For smaller spas, has introduced a group-buy incentive where owners of smaller spas can club their purchases and get discounts reserved for bulk purchasers.


What side effects can this product cause?

Inflammation, swelling and reddening of the injected area are the most common side effects. Some people may experience knee pains. Please refer to product leaflet for a complete list of side effects, and contraindications. Side effects last for one to two days.


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