SPORTVIS 12MG 1.2ML is an innovative treatment to relieve the pain and optimise the recovery of TENDON and LIGAMENT injuries

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SPORTVIS 12MG 1.2ML is an innovative treatment to relieve the pain and optimise the recovery of TENDON and LIGAMENT injuries

SportVis 12mg 1.2ml contains STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid)

SPORTVIS 12MG 1.2ML is main ingredient is STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).

Once STABHA™ is introduced to the site, it performs the following activities due to the presence of exogenous soft tissue specific hyaluronic acid.

  • It reacts with cellular fibronectin found at the injury site to create a Scaffold which facilitates and controls the cellular migration at the injury site. This scaffold is able to promote healing as it acts as a barrier by limiting the access of macrophages and lymphocytes to this site thereby limiting but not stopping inflammation.
  • STABHA™ also helps in re-organising the fibrils in fibres and fascicles as well as restoring the fibres into their normal parallel arrangement allowing them to form into their optimal size compared to scar tissue which is smaller in diameter.
  • STABHA™ provides the injury site structural support due to its viscous nature.

STABHA™ which is contained in SportVis™ is believed to increase the quality of healing thus reducing scar tissue formation, and reducing the time for said quality healing.

SPORTVIS 12MG 1.2ML provides a quantitative and qualitative effective and efficient method for the management of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy. Results from the randomised clinical trial on more 50 patients showed that using SportVis™ alone compared to physiotherapy, patients were able to achieve statistically significant reduction in pain and improvement in functionality quicker. These results showed that the 2 injections of SportVis last for at least 6 months.

How is OSTENIL administered?

We recommend that the physician should use the antero-lateral approach but there are also other ways to injection SportVis™ and will be entirely up to the discretion of the physician.

One 1.2ml peri-articular injection of SportVis™ into the subacromial space of the shoulder just above the tendon followed by a second peri-articular injection after 14 days, 22 gauge needle is recommended. Seat the patient in an upright position, arm relaxed at the side and externally rotated. Use of an ultrasound probe positioned on the lateral shoulder directed in the plane of the supraspinatus tendon to guide the injection is recommended. Locate the acromion, greater tubercle, head of the humerus and subacromial cleft. Introduce the needle into the cleft 1cm posterior and 2cm distal to the antereo-lateral acromial edge. Advance the needle horizontally and in a partly medial direction under the acromion process. When no resistance to the plunger is felt inject SportVis™ over the head of the humerus into the subacromial space taking great care not inject into the tendon.


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